CVES Almost a Horse Trials

August 15 and 16

CVES – ALMOST a Horse Trials
We are planning to run an Eventing Dressage and Stadium competition on Saturday, August 15 and then on Sunday, a modified cross country schooling component with timed and numbered courses under your insured coach’s direction. Cross country scores will be included into your overall score so it will feel ALMOST like a real event.
· Numbers will be limited to a maximum of 50 riders.
· Divisions from Starter to Training – minimum of 5 entries needed to run the division.
· All cross country courses will be on the south slope only so that the whole course is in view. Click here for more info on the cross country schooling day
· No spectators. Maximum of one person to accompany the rider.
· On both days, please minimize the amount of time spent on site. Leave as soon as your horse is cooled off.
· Cost $150
More details…
Some more info on the ALMOST an Event while we are waiting for the entry forms and for things to be confirmed. Please be patient – we haven’t had to do it like this before and we are pulling it together as fast as we can. Lots of people away on the long weekend. We won’t have much time to get the entries in and scheduling done and we have to do some things a certain way to limit numbers on site and to make sure the schedule works to get people in and out as quickly as possible.
  1. Once the entry forms are ready, we will accept only fully completed, signed emailed entries in pdf format. All others will be put to the side until after the properly completed forms are all entered. There will be two parts to the entry form. One for Saturday and one for Sunday.
  2. We will take one horse per rider first to give more people a chance to enter. If you have more than one horse please indicate on your form or email which one is your priority and we will add additional horses if there is room and if it fits with the schedule.
  3. We will enter the first 10 horses in each division. If there aren’t 10 in any division then we can take more in other divisions.
  4. We will enter everyone who wants to ride both days first and then, if there is any room left, we will look at other requests.
  5. We are very sorry that we will not be having any stabling or camping at the park. We will miss this too.
  6. You will do your dressage test and then have a small amount of time to change tack, if needed, and walk your stadium course, then ride it and head home.
  7. Cross country day will be scheduled so that each coach’s riders go one after another, one at a time, no matter what division they are in. More cross country info attached – please read!
Entry forms – You must fill in completely with signatures in order to be entered.  Two forms to fill and send as pdf – one for each day since they are separate and we are just adding in the cross country schooling day score to the dressage and stadium show results.  One price for all – $150 for non-members; $140 for CVES members.
Cross Country Course Maps
Stadium Course Maps