zz2 – Phase ( Dressage & Cross Country) — 2021

Sunday, September 19th 2021 at Campbell Valley Regional Park

This is a great one-day introduction to eventing or a chance to try a different division. The competition includes dressage and cross country run on the same day, with divisions from Starter to Pre-Training.   The courses will be the same as for the 2021 Horse Trials with the exception that some of the fences may be removed. Please read below for information on required memberships.

2 Phase Info Sheet  –2 Phase 2021

2 Phase –  Entry Form  –2 Phase 2021 Entry Form

This year the CVES 2 Phase is running as an EC sanctioned Eventing Test. It will be the same format as other years but all competitors will need to have an Equestrian Canada (EC) Bronze Sport Licence as well as their HCBC membership.  If you have done any horse trials this year, you should already have these since they are required for all competitions.


  1. If you have not had a EC Bronze Sport Licence before please go to the EC website and join for $31.
  2. If you have had a Sport Licence before, EC may also ask you to pay a $21 late fee since you didn’t renew before March 31. If that is the case,  don’t buy online for $52. You will  be able to purchase the EC Bronze Sport Licence through this competition for $35. Please email us for the form.

Please email us at cves.ca@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Course maps – Course maps are also available on the My Course Walk website or app.

Pre-Training Course Map 2021

Entry Course Map 2021

Pre-Entry Course Map 2021

Starter Course Map 2021

Starter course map 2021 325 m/min Note: speed has been reduced to 325 m/min for Starter division

Dressage Tests – EC 2016 Eventing Tests

Pre-Training Test #2

Entry Test #2

Pre-Entry (Entry Test #1)

Starter (Entry Test #1)



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