2 – Phase (now called CVES Dressage & XC Eventing Test )

Sunday, September 17th at Campbell Valley Park

This is a great one-day introduction to eventing or a chance to try a different division. The competition includes dressage and cross country run on the same day, with divisions from Starter to Pre-Training.   The courses will be the same as for the 2017 Horse Trials with the exception that some of the fences may be removed.

Entry and Pre-Training Levels
This year the ‘2 Phase’ will be run as an Equestrian Canada sanctioned event for Entry and Pre Training divisions which means that the $3.50 Drug Fee must be added on (but NOT the $12 Eventing levy) and riders must have the following memberships:
1) Horse Council of BC
2) Horse Trials BC
3) Equine Canada Bronze Sport Licence
4) Canadian Eventing (purchased with the Sport Licence).

Here is detailed information (“Omnibus”) about the Dressage & XC Eventing Test
Here is the Dressage & XC Eventing Test Entry form for Entry and Pre Training for 2017

Starter and Pre-Entry Levels — Intro to Eventing
The Starter and Pre Entry divisions will run as a separate competition called Intro to Eventing. For this competition, Starter and Pre Entry  will now be called Intro 1 and Intro 2. Only HCBC membership will be required.
Here is the Intro to Eventing Entry form for Intro 1 (Starter) and Intro 2 (Pre Entry) and
the required waiver for Intro to Eventing. Must have both entry form and waiver.

Be sure to check StartBox for your entry status once the entries start rolling in (probably last week in August.) There will be two separate Startbox listings.

If you have any questions about memberships, please email cves.ca@gmail.com.
Organizer:  Val Mica  email: val.d.mica@gmail.com   Phone: (604) 534-8316

Course Maps

Dressage Tests


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